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Blogs: the New e-Church Marketing Information Gaining Power

The blog is revolutionising the church marketing website.

Here is an instant opportunity to both see others' viewpoints and offer your own views on a particular topic as presented by the church marketing website's author.

As these websites grow so too will the number of thoughts offered. Become involved with these church marketing blogs to become better informed.

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright with SMAPL.

Hints & Tips

A top tool - Word of Mouth

A top way to market your school or church is by Word of Mouth! Let's keep it simple. From my..
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Research, Preparation and Quality Implementation

School and church marketing now more than ever needs to be well researched, well prepared and ve..
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AAA - Advertising Advantage for Administrators

The AAA is essential for all those marketing the school. The Advertising Advantage for Administr..
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Bryan Foster’s ‘School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age’ is an outstanding resource for school marketers who are serious about competitively positioning their school and engaging all stakeholders in a meaningful and innovati..

Michele Franken, Marketing and Public Relations - Guildford Grammar School, Guildford, Perth, Western Australia