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How to Write Your Own e-Book and Get it Sold

Options to Sell Your Book / e-Book

The key approaches a new author could take are:

  • Chasing a Publishing Company to Publish Your Book - often quite time consuming and with a minimal chance of success.
  • Self Publishing - Printing, Marketing, Selling, etc - printing costs are high. The problem of getting your book marketed and into the stores - difficult.
  • Creating Your Own Professional Website and Online Store for e-book sales - relatively expensive to do well, however cheaper options are developing right now - but this method will get your work out there in a reasonably quick time. Then there is the challenge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), i.e. the process of getting your website high on search engines - quite difficult but not impossible.
  • Selling e-Book Through Commercial Online Stores - probably the simplest and least expensive. This is the area which has taken giant leaps in the past 18 months.
  • Creating a Hardcopy in a Way Which is Inexpensive and Then Sold Online Through a Commercial e-Book Store - developing now before our eyes - and often offered through the top end online commercial bookstores themselves. This way allows for both the book and e-book versions to be sold, often by the same company - doubling your marketing options.

'How to Write Your Own Book or e-Book and Get it Sold' by Bryan Foster, author of School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed), 2010, with the copyright remaining with SMAPL. This 369 A4 page e-book is written in summarized point form and contains an exceptional number of strategies and step-by-step guidance on how to market your school.

Hints & Tips

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I find Bryan Foster’s new book will help considerably with marketing our Catholic parishes in the modern world. I am especially drawn to the chapters on Parish – School relationships and the uses of the internet, in particular the parish ..

Fr Dan Ryan PP at Sunnybank Parish, former PP at Surfers Paradise Parish -